Why you should replace your garage door this winter

Why you should replace your garage door this winter

If you built your home, chances are you took a bit of extra time and carefully considered the front door that you chose. Even if you didn’t build your home, chances are you spend at least some time making your front door a warm and welcoming entrance for guests who visit. Your garage door, just like your front door, can be the first impression that visitors have of your space and if yours has seen better days, perhaps it’s time to consider garage door replacement in Parker.


A garage door replacement expert in Parker can tell you that replacing your garage door with a higher-performing model can increase the insulation in a space that’s notorious for allowing cold air in and letting hot air escape. Garage doors are given an R-value, which represents insulating effectiveness. The higher the value, the higher the insulating value and many garage doors on the market can have an R-value as high as 18.  

Improve your curb appeal

Just like your front door, your garage door plays a big part in your curb appeal. If you have a tired looking, old vinyl garage door maybe the time has come for an upgrade. The designs, styles, colors, textures, and materials used are plentiful in today’s world of garage door models.  

Better form and function

By choosing to upgrade your garage door this year, you’ll have an opportunity to pick a replacement door model with better form and function. You might choose a sleek and modern steel door that offers protective panels and attractive windows, or you might instead opt for a classic carriage house design to skyrocket your home’s curb appeal rating.

Garage doors have come a long way

They definitely made garage doors better than they used to. It used to be that there was a standard type of garage door that came with a set number of panels in a vinyl material and for which you could choose from a handful of colors. These days, the sky’s the limit in terms of garage door types, and if you’re thinking about a garage door upgrade this year, you should contact a professional to give you an idea of just how vast the selection is. 

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