What’s the Most Cost-Effective Garage Door?

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What’s the Most Cost-Effective Garage Door?

Has your garage door seen better years? Perhaps you’ve been putting off this worthy investment with light maintenance here and there. There’s going to come a time when your garage door will simply stop doing its job. And when that time comes, most homeowners aren’t fully prepared to choose the right replacement. Before you search “garage door sales and installation near me,” it’s important to calculate costs, installation, and which garage door will actually suit your home first. Let’s take a look at what your most cost effective garage door looks like.

The Best Energy Efficient Garage Door for Your Home

Garage doors come single, double, or triple layered in their construction which simply refers to the amount of insulation you choose. Triple layer is the highest quality of laying you can get for your garage door. To determine which garage door is right for you, you must consider the functionality of your garage. Whether you pick an aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, or steel garage door, you must understand that these materials aren’t naturally insulating and would need triple layer insulation to perform at its best. For example, if you choose a wood garage door, while it is top-notch and has insulation and energy efficiency, it is susceptible to cold and wet environments and can retain moisture, which leads to rotting and warping.

Wood – wood is affordable and easily assembled. Many homeowners choose this garage door type for its natural, rustic look. But it does expand and contract easily as the weather changes. You can choose between roll up or tilt up wood garage doors. Roll up garage doors have a flush construction that have a plywood panel over a wooden frame. Tilt up wood garage doors are the most affordable and easy in assembly. It’ll usually come in woods such as a spruce or Douglas fir and are stable enough to withstand wear and tear.

Steel – these types of doors are practically weather resistant because they don’t warp, crack or fall apart easily. These types of doors are made from galvanized steel that has a baked-on polyester finish. They don’t rust or require as much maintenance as often as other doors. This is a premium quality garage door with maximum energy efficiency, but they can be quite difficult to repair and can dent quite easily.

Aluminum or fiberglass – these doors are found in hotter climates because they are resistant to salty air and are lightweight. They are made of a mixture of fiberglass sections with an aluminum frame. Because of their lightweight materials, they are on the lower side of providing insulation and energy efficiency.

Why You Need an Energy Efficient Garage

Aside from keeping Old Man Winter at bay (well, as much as you can), if you want to keep your energy costs low, you can save a great deal of money with an updated garage. Another thing to keep in mind when you’re searching “Garage door sales and installation near me” is the room above your garage. How is the temperature regulation up there? Do you constantly find yourself pulling out the extra heaters just to maintain a comfortable setting in that room? If so, you can bet it’s related to inefficient energy in your garage space.

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