What is Garage Door Service?

What is Garage Door Service?

Garage Doors 101

Your garage is an important dynamic of your home. It’s a storage place, work space, and even an area to house extra food goods. But your garage is only as good as the door that is working. Your garage needs general maintenance and care so that it will serve you for years to come. Plus, an efficient garage can increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

Life Expectancy of Your Garage Door

Whether an older home or a brand new home, your garage door usually lasts between 15 and 30 years. This, of course, depends on the environment, usage, and the type of door that you have. Your geographical location can affect the life of your door as well. Take Colorado, for example. It experiences all four seasons and has some of the harshest winters in the country. The inclement weather conditions can affect the motion of your garage door, thus reducing the lifespan of your door. The type of springs that hinge your garage door will also determine how many open/close cycles it’s good for. Quality is everything, so when you choose to spend a little more, you get more in terms of the quality of your garage door. Choosing the right contractor for the job will also save you time and money when it comes to eventually fixing any mishaps. A garage door service team in Englewood can assist with any minor or major mishaps before the start of each season. After all, your garage door needs basic care, too. It should do more than just open and close; it should provide a barrier from severe weather conditions.

What is Garage Door Service?

The definition of basic garage door service depends on the current condition of your garage door. Chances are that the previous homeowners may not have saved all of the product information, so you’ll need to start from scratch. What is the current condition of your garage door? Are there any visible flaws that concern you? Perhaps you don’t know what to look for as a sign that your garage needs maintenance. The best place to start is to hire a garage door service Englewood team member to look at the current state of your garage door. They’ll help you understand what to look for and when to call for help. They’ll also make sure you get regular maintenance to keep a lasting and efficient garage. Quality garage door service covers mishaps and maintenance, such as broken springs and cables, out-of-track doors, noisy garage doors, hardware, sections, roller replacement, safety inspections, and more.

Garage Care Tips

DId you know you can actually take care of your garage to prolong its life expectancy? While garage door service can help you feel at ease, it’s up to you to care and maintain it’s working ability too! These simple care tips will make all the difference.

  • Keep a clean garage and move obvious debris and clutter away from the door at all times.
  • Spray garage door lubricant on noisy metal wheeled roller bearings to help with noise.
  • Replace or tighten loose nuts and bolts in the garage door.

When to Call a Pro

Now there are certain things that require the skill of a qualified contractor. Broken springs are not something for you and your neighbor to attempt fixing, so leave it to a professional. Those springs have a lot of tension and can be dangerous if they’re released. In a matter of seconds, a broken spring can unwind and result in a loud crash.

Don’t know the age of your garage or when the last time you had a checkup? The best place to start is to call a qualified tech. At Martin Garage Door, our team has the skill to deal with all garage door needs, from emergency to maintenance. Call us today!

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