Steps for Garage Door Spring Repair

Steps for Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage doors are a lifesaver. They protect your valuable things, the ones that don’t necessarily belong inside of your house, from the outside world. But like many other household appliances, things can and do go wrong. One of the most common problems is a malfunction of the spring that operates the door. This breakdown will require help from the pros and here are the steps for garage door spring repair. 

What does the garage door spring repair do?

The garage door spring is wound tightly on both sides and provides the muscle for lifting your very heavy door on demand. Springs do malfunction and the problem is a common reason to call your local garage door spring repair pros. If you’ve made the call and the crew is headed your way, here’s what you can expect from the visit.  

Diagnosing the problem

To a homeowner, problems with your garage door might not be hiding in plain sight. The door technicians that report for duty will complete a thorough inspection of the door and all of its mechanical parts to be sure they understand the full scope of the problem. It makes sense to fix any underlying issues during one visit rather than make repeat calls inconveniencing you and your family.  

Garage door spring repair

The garage door crew will first have to remove the old springs which, depending on the malfunction, might look like a knotted and twisted mess. They will unplug the door and clamp the door to the track while they’re fixing the springs. They’ll use winding bars to remove the springs on the door and all manner of screws, nuts, and bolts that firmly hold the springs in place. New springs will then be attached.   

Other signs you should call in the garage door pros

It’s easy to take your garage door for granted but when problems arise they tend to be hard to ignore. If your door is making any unusual noises like grinding, squeaking, or slapping, it might be wise to call in the pros for an inspection. If your garage doesn’t respond to commands to open and close it, either from a hand held opener or the opener in your home, that’s probably another good sign to make the call. 

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