Steps for Garage Door Opener Installation In Parker

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Steps for Garage Door Opener Installation In Parker

What did the world do before automatic garage door openers? Those days would have required getting out of the sanctuary of your car in cold or inclement weather to lift the garage door by hand before pulling your car into the space. These days, all that happens with the click of a button and we couldn’t be happier. If you’re staring at a garage door that doesn’t open on its own, here’s how to handle garage door opener installation in Parker.

Garage door opener installation for beginners

The easiest way to handle garage door opener installation is to leave it to the pros. But, if you’re a handy guy or gal, it’s an intermediate-level DIY project that you can try on your own. You might just want to keep that professional’s phone number handy in the event you reach a point of no return. The first step in the process would be to purchase a complete garage door opener from a neighborhood home improvement store or a company specializing in garage door sales and installations in Parker.

The Carriage Tube

Assembling and mounting the carriage tube is the next step in garage door opener installation in Castle Rock. The opener should come with a thorough set of instructions that will serve as your guide throughout the process. But know that the assemblage and mountain of the carriage tube must be done with precision for the proper function of the door.

Carriage and header bracket come next

Once your carriage tube is properly installed, you’ll need to slide the carriage onto the tube before installing the header bracket. The header bracket will secure the door and the rest of the components securely to the wall in your garage. Make sure this is secured firmly so there isn’t any unwanted movement when the door is operational.   

The final steps for garage door opener installation

Next, install the power unit for the door from the ceiling, and attach the arms that connect the arms of the door. You should then plugin and attach the safety device that senses when there are obstructions that could prevent the door from closing and perhaps even cause injury. Test the door to make sure everything is in proper working order before declaring success on another DIY home project. 

If these steps seem complex, consult our experts for help. We are specialists when it comes to garage door sales and installations in Castle Rock. Our company provides the best openers for a smooth and convenient garage door.

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