Signs You Need a New Garage Door Opener Denver Metro

Signs You Need a New Garage Door Opener Denver Metro

Most of us take for granted the heavy lifting that garage doors do for us everyday. They carry with them a lifespan of about 20 years, but that doesn’t mean that problems can’t creep in before then. One of the most common problems in terms of garage door function is actually with the opener. If you suspect you might be having this problem, here are a few signs to look for that point to a new garage door opener Denver Metro. 

A new garage door opener if your door won’t open function 

One of the most obvious signs that it might be time for a new garage door opener Denver Metro is if the opener doesn’t cause the door to do anything at all. Likewise, if the door does anything at all when you press the open or close button on your opener, chances are it’s the door and not the opener. But if you press the button and it doesn’t budge, signs point to it’s time for a new one. .  

A new garage door opener if your door works some of the time

If your garage door is acting in an unusual way—creeping up just a few inches, opening half way before shutting again, or doing the same in reverse when you’re trying to get it to close, chances are high that the problem is with the door and not the opener. If you are experiencing this with your door, you should find an overhead door company in your area and have them come out for an inspection. A misbehaving garage door could require a simple fix and doesn’t always mean big cost.  

Unusual noises or other problems

If your garage door has started to make unusual noises, it’s time to call in the pros for an inspection. Less likely, but still possible, if your garage door opener has started to make strange noises, it’s also time to call in the pros. Except, you can bring the opener into the pros rather than call in for a home visit. Bring the opener to an overhead door company near you so that they can diagnose the cause of the noise and make a recommendation for repair or replacement.  

Where to find a new opener

If you have a malfunctioning garage door opener on your hands and don’t know where to go to get a new one, head online. Search for garage door companies near you and pick one that seems reputable and that has a long history of service in the community. Take your opener into their shop and let them determine if it can be fixed, or if a replacement is needed. 

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