Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

Garage-door Being Repaired

Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

Your garage door should open, close, and make as little noise as possible. Its purpose is to house your car or other belongings of value. When it comes time to sell or buy, you should look at the garage door to ensure it’s running properly. A fully functional garage door increases the value of your home! So, it’s important to catch issues that may arise, and call a garage door repair Castle Rock contractor if your garage door needs a replacement or a repair.

The Importance of Your Garage Door

Your garage door yields the second highest return on investment, which means that your home’s value could increase 4% if in top-notch condition. With this in mind, it’s time to look at whether you should replace or repair your current garage door. Think of your garage door as another safety feature. Its high quality materials provide a barrier between you, intruders and your most prized possessions. It also protects you against weather elements such as debris, wind, and rain.

The Purpose of Your Garage Door

Homes that don’t have enough garage space are often sold for a lower price on the market. But even for homeowners who don’t want to sell, a garage is still useful to provide protection for their belongings and their vehicle. 70% of garage owners use their space for different purposes too, not just to store belongings. It’s important to keep your garage neat and organized, compacting your favored items and tossing out the rest. Cluttered garages attract pests that make homes in unkempt places. There needs to be an order to your garage, too. Your garage should serve a purpose when storing your items. If your garage houses your vehicle, keep all hazardous items in their place so as not to scuff or scrape your car’s finish. Maybe you have a workbench with tools that you use often for building and working. However you use your garage, the purpose usually remains the same in being a safe and functional piece of your property. There are also a few signs that tell you it’s time for a new door.

Should I Repair or Replace?

There are many considerations when determining if you should fix or replace your entire garage door. Whether the tracks are inconsistent, it’s difficult to lift, or there are other mechanical issues, the question is whether it’s worth investing in a repair or a whole new door altogether.  Here are some indicators that a new door is going to be your best investment:

  • Sensor issues – Do you notice issues with the sensor mechanically functioning as it should? Abrupt stopping and starting, or jolting abnormally is not a good sign and should not wait to be looked at by a garage door repair Castle Rock expert.
  • Misaligned or off-balance – If you notice that your door is continually misaligned or off balance for any amount of time, you need a professional to take a look. It may be something simple that they can replace. For example, the motor could be weakened or the cables could be worn, which allows the door to lean to one side.
  • Rattling noise – This is always a sign that something is wrong. Whether it needs to be replaced is another matter. Sometimes there are things that have simply been overlooked, like a loose screw or something that is jammed. However, if you have cleared the area and found nothing, you may have a torsion spring that needs replacement.

Whether you need a replacement or repair, there’s no better time to call a garage door repair Castle Rock specialist for guidance. At Martin Garage, we service repairs and completely new garage door installations. Call us to schedule your next service today!

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