Low Cost Garage Doors

Value priced doors with classic designs, durable and virtually maintenance free.
Oxford Windows / Long Panel / White Mist

Panel Styles

Steel Paint Colors

Long-lasting baked-on paint.

Powder Coat Finishes

Long-lasting, durable finish.

Protective System

Martin Multi-layered baked-on enamel paint ensures superior corrosion resistance and a durable finish.


Add insulation for thermal efficiency, noise reduction, durability, and minimal upkeep.


Includes roller, track and accessories for a strong and lasting door system.

Section Joint
Toung and Groove joint Panel Stacking Guide

For heights above 8′ 9″(2667) refer to safety joint height examples on next tab.

Safety Joint Panel Stacking Guide

For doors up to 20’ (6096). (See other tab for Tongue and Groove Joint). Maximum width: 18’2″ (5537) .

Industry Standard Garage Doors Are Dangerous

Martin protects children and adults from serious injuries and death.

Tongue & Groove Joint

Martin Door’s safety joint is designed to help protect you while adding strength to your door. This joint is available on all Martin doors, improving the design and enhancing beauty. No other brand offers such a comprehensive system

Steel-Framed Windows

Martin’s innovative window design provides proper wood grain direction and exact color match on these hand crafted sections.

Window Options
Window Tint & Laminate Options

(Simulated color. In some cases glass tint is lighter than acrylic tint.)

Classic Windows

Old School but not forgotten, Martin Classic Windows come in a variety of beautiful choices.. We use high impact acrylic instead of glass for safety and durability. Windows panes can be upgraded to glass or different tint options. Upgrade your garage door window with an acrylic double pane for additional sound reduction and garage climate control.

Window Tint

Insulated glass options are available on most window types.

Double Pane

Upgrade your Classic Windows with an acrylic double pane option. Double Pane Window adds additional sound reduction and is ideal for hot or cold climates.

Help Me Decide

Which one would you choose?

Martin Door® with Real Estate Essentials install a garage door with Steel-Framed windows.

Additional Options

Customized features make Martin Garage Doors a unique and individualized door. Martin’s many unique options and security features bring style and functionality to any door.

Antique Hardware

Beautiful matching hinges and handles add a touch charm to your garage door. Can be powder coated.

* hd105 only comes in a hardware kit.

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