Options for Modern Garage Doors

Options for Modern Garage Doors

Homeowners have been depending on garage doors to protect their property for thousands of years. Earlier forms of the garage door were carriage houses with dirt floors, simple walls, and an operational gate. Doors have come a long way from those humble beginnings and some even look like they were inspired by outer space. If you’re looking for an edgier door for your garage opening, consider these modern garage doors.  

Standard modern garage doors

Modern garage doors tend to have sleek lines and use angular geometrical shapes in their design. Metal materials are often incorporated as is glass and windows allowing plenty of natural light and curb appeal. Wood is another common material utilized in modern doors and some designs even draw from nature.   

Glass modern garage doors

Modern garage doors tend to utilize a lot of windows in their design. This allows for plenty of natural light to filter into your garage space. It also produces a sleek and sophisticated look for the exterior of your home.   

Modern garage doors with small windows

Other characteristics of modern doors include metal-framed bands of windows and restraint when it comes to door ornamentation. Doors are often manufactured in an array of neutral colors including beige, white, black, dark blue, and grey. You might even find designs that incorporate asymmetrical application of windows and boards.

Material options for modern doors

Modern garage doors incorporate a lot of natural materials including sheets of hardwood and even engineered woods. Wood is a good material for doors because they naturally resist water, pests, and look great for years to come with a small amount of maintenance. Metal and full glass doors are also available and a knowledgeable garage door dealer in your area can show you all the options from which you can choose. 

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