Is it Worth Upgrading Your Garage Door?

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Is it Worth Upgrading Your Garage Door?

Every element of your home has value of some sort. From your HVAC unit to your private fence, your home’s value can either increase or decrease depending on the condition of the home’s most prized elements. When a buyer comes to view your home as a worthy investment, they’ll pay attention to your yard, driveway, interior flooring, and yes, even your garage door. Whether you’re considering selling, buying, or fixing, it’s probably time you thought about the importance of having a functional garage door. You may need an expert who specializes in new garage door Castle Rock installation when an upgrade is well overdue.

What Your Garage is & What it isn’t

Your garage serves many purposes, from storage to recreation and vehicle protection. Despite what some homeowners may say, your garage is anything but just another storage space! Let’s take a look at just what your garage is and what it isn’t, so you can start looking at it in a whole new way.

What it is:

  • An extra storage space for neatly packed items, boxes, etc.
  • A place to protect your vehicle
  • A room to keep household items within reach, but not out in a shed
  • A place that provides adequate room for a workbench and tools
  • An entertainment room/crafting area

What it isn’t:

  • The junk room where clutter builds and gathers
  • A playroom for children (unless designed otherwise)
  • A holding place for unused machinery or furniture

Consider having your garage serve as another living space. You’ll want to insulate it according to the appropriate weather conditions and pay close attention to the door that keeps everything safe. This brings us to our next and most important element, the garage door.

Repair or Replace?

Age and condition go hand in hand when you decide if your garage door needs an upgrade. If you’re unsure what to look for, your new garage door Castle Rock contractor can assess the door and its surroundings. But, there are a few things you can see with the naked eye that will prompt you to call the experts to have a new garage door replaced. Your garage door serves as more than a functional use. Curb appeal is just one asset your garage door brings to your home; it has to be in great shape! Here are a few things to look for that would prompt you to consider a new garage door installation:

  • The door doesn’t easily open and close.
  • The materials are outdated
  • Repairs are costly
  • Insufficient insulation
  • You’re looking to sell

Even though new garage door installation can cost up to $2,000,  it’s a 95% return investment when you choose to sell! Believe it or not, this is a lower cost compared to other types of home renovations. Nowadays, you can choose from any style garage door that aligns with your home’s aesthetic. Some of these materials are made of aluminum, composite wood, steel, and of course, wood. These range in price from $750 up to $4,000.

New Garage, New Home

Yes, a new garage door can take an old home and bring it back to life. You can choose an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective garage door for your home, without breaking your budget! You’ll want to keep in mind what type of weather your geographical area gets when choosing your new garage door. Do you live in an area where tornadoes or hurricanes are a possibility? The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests that a faulty garage door during a hurricane or massive wind storm can cause buildup of internal pressure. This pressure results in blowing off the roof and the supporting walls surrounding your home. So, it’s important to factor in your geographical area and building codes when choosing your new garage door.

Whether you’re selling your home, have costly repairs, or just want an inspection for a new door, Martin Garage Door provides services for the Denver and Colorado Springs area. Visit their showroom today to find the best garage door for your home!

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