How to Pick a New Garage Door

How to Pick a New Garage Door

The very first overhead hanging garage door was unveiled to the world just before The Great Depression in 1921. An inventor named C.G. Johnson changed the relevance and usefulness of the garage with the new door. Fast-forward 30 years, once the country got through tough economic times and two wars, many modern American homes were incorporating garage doors. They remain a very popular home feature today and manufacturers offer homeowners many from which to choose. Here’s how you can pick a new garage door perfect for your space.

Utility and a new garage door

How you use your garage is an important factor to consider when deciding on what new garage door to purchase. If you regularly use your garage space as a work space, a door that allows natural light to flow in might be a benefit. If you store expensive items in your garage, an almost indestructible steel door might be in order. If you live in a place with very cold winters, like Colorado, the insulation factor of your door might be important too.  

Picking a garage door style 

Manufacturers have made picking a new garage door harder than it’s ever been before because of so many styles and colors currently on the market. The first step in figuring out which is the right one for you, is determining which style speaks to you. Popular styles include modern and sleek doors made of metal or glass, carriage house-style doors, and traditional doors popular with the majority of homeowners. 

Deciding on a garage door material

Garage doors are also made in a variety of materials. The most common and budget friendly is vinyl, similar to the material used if your house has siding. Other commonly used materials include wood—hardwood or engineered—metal, and even metal or wood frames with glass components. Each has their own place in terms of curb appeal and aesthetic, and where they fit on the new door budget spectrum. 

The most popular colors

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the most popular colors for garage doors are neutrals. White, grey, black, brown, and beige corner the market in garage door design. Design experts recommend that you choose a color different from your front door, and that you refrain from going too bold, instead choosing a door that fits nicely with the overall design of your home for  your garage door choice. 

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