How to: Garage Door Replacement

How to: Garage Door Replacement

Has your garage door seen better days? Is it no longer even functional anymore? Or, could your home use a little extra curb appeal with a new garage door perfect for your space? If you said yes to any of those questions, garage door replacement is probably in your future and here’s what you can expect to happen. 

The first steps for garage door replacement

Although some handy homeowners can tackle replacing a garage door replacement on their own, for the majority of us, it’s smart to call in the pros to handle the job. The first step in the process is to remove the tension from the door which requires specialized tools, and to disconnect the door and the opener. The door panels will be removed next from the top down.  

New door panels come next

Next, reinforcement bars will be attached to the door panels for an extra level of support. The track will be secured to the walls and ceiling and brackets will be installed in the correct places as required by the new door. The spring assembly will then be attached to the new track as will the new springs.   

Rods and pulleys

Installation of the rods and pulleys to help the door lift will be next. The cable that will make the door function will be added too. Steel rods are then used to tighten the spring. The correct tightness is specific to each door and the instruction manual will dictate how many rotations are required of the rod to achieve the proper tension.  

New door and new door opener

Once the tracks are installed and the door is attached to the tracks, a bit of testing will ensue before the project is officially complete. You’ll need to pair your garage door openers with your new door. The owner’s manual for the openers will guide you through that process as will numerous resources online for troubleshooting. 

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