How Do You Fix a Torsion Spring?

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How Do You Fix a Torsion Spring?

You take regular care of general maintenance in and around your home with no problem. You know that for the prevention of serious issues, most home repair projects require a little TLC every now and then. This is no different for your garage door. There are many elements to your garage that need regular maintenance, from decluttering your garage space to lubricating the joints on your garage door. So what do you do when springs and bolts are loose? While certain elements of your garage door can be repaired or replaced yourself, you should leave the major details up to an expert torsion Spring repair Castle Rock contractor.

Before You Start

There are a few things you should know before you attempt to fix your torsion spring. There are different types of springs incorporated in a garage door. If it is the torsion spring that needs repairing, you’ll notice four different types depending on the strength, weight and size of your door. You’ll often find them above the door opening on a metal shaft. These springs are wound to a corrosion setting and can be still rolling, torque master, early set, or standard springs.

Standard torsion springs are found on residential garage doors. Torque Master torsion springs are held by a winding cone that sits on each of the torsion rods. They are enclosed in a shaft that is held in place by the cone. Early-set and standard torsion springs are similar, except the early set is mounted in the middle of the torsion shaft. Standard is also found on residential doors with a lighter weight that requires only one spring for operation.

Fixing a Torsion Spring

Depending on your garage door and how much repair iit needs, you may be able to get away with a temporary fix. To replace or fix the torsion spring effectively, you’ll need to identify which type of garage you have. Commercial and residential garages differ in mechanics, and, depending on the size of your door and what it’s used for, the parts can be scarce. For the most part, your garage door will have a roller stem, cable, bearing plate, and cable drum. All of these elements work together for effective operation.

First things first, safety measures must be taken before operating your garage door. It is highly advised that you use the right tools and take safety precautions. It is not advised to perform any maintenance other than general maintenance and if you have questions regarding what general maintenance looks like, contact your local torsion spring repair Castle Rock contractor. A garage door professional is licensed and skilled to handle the mechanics. What your professional will do first is take an estimate of the garage door. Based on what they see, they will gather the correct tools and begin to measure new and old springs. This measurement is a vital step in getting the correct spring for your garage. Next, they will mark the torsion shaft and unwind the old springs. After this is completed, loosen the torsion hardware and replace the springs before reinstalling the hardware again. And lastly, they will wind the new springs, check and lubricate the garage door if necessary, and reconnect your opener to have you up and running again.

We are taught to rely on our gut feelings. However, when it comes to fixing your garage door, it’s best you call your torsion spring repair Castle Rock contractor. Our skilled professionals at Martin Garage Door have all the tools and expertise to service your commercial or residential garage needs. Contact us today for your inspection!

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