Glass Garage Door in Colorado Springs

Let The Sunlight In With Glass Garage Door In Colorado Springs


With the lack of natural light, the garage can be a dark and dingy place. This might be okay if you only use it for parking your car but we both know that’s not all the garage is meant for. With limited space in the house, you probably use it to store your tools, to exercise, etc. Plus, it’s probably one of the favorite places for your kids to play hide and seek. This is why you ought to consider installing a glass garage door in Colorado Springs to let some sunlight in this area. By doing this, you don’t just brighten the room and increase visibility and warmth during the day, but you also save some on your electricity bill because you don’t have to turn on the lights your time you enter the garage.

Modern & Stylish Glass Garage Door Designs


Glass garage doors add a sleek and modern aesthetic to your houses’s exterior. It works well with modern house architectural designs and garages attached to the building. This is because of the minimalist look they give the entrance in terms of the door material with steel or aluminum framing the glass. The light reflected by a glass garage door in Colorado Springs adds a beautiful gloss to the home’s exterior.


Depending on your preferences you can have frames of various colors in either bold solid shades or shiny metallic hues. You can also choose between smooth metallic finishes or rough embossed textures. With the Athena panel style, you get wide glass panes that give your doors a sense of broadness while with Frenchporte style you get multiple small panels that create an elegant grid of light when reflecting sunlight.


The glass panels themselves are the center of attention, available in different tints and laminates that play with the light entering. You can use a clear pane to let in as much sunlight as possible or frost them to ensure your privacy. If you are worried about its brittleness, we also use the much sturdier and equally transparent acrylic. Double panes are used to insulate the garage. You also have the option of insulating the frames as well.

Warm Wood-like Steel Frames


Wish for the warm look of wood on your door but worried about maintenance costs? Don’t worry, our glass garage doors in Colorado Springs can give you the warm and cozy look of wood with as low maintenance like steel. All you need to do is tell us about your favorite wood grain type and we will coat our steel frames with the right hue and texture with such efficiency that no one will be able to tell the difference. These frames are easier to maintain with some washing and scrubbing and they don’t need to be polished every few months. Steel is much stronger than wood, so lasts much longer.

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