Garage Doors That Look Like Barn & Carriage Doors In Colorado Springs

Vintage Garage Doors That Look Like Barn Doors In Colorado Springs

The advantages of garage doors in terms of functionality cannot be denied. They protect your vehicle from robbers and outside elements. And with automatic openers in the mix, they are pretty convenient as well. But when it comes to your house’s aesthetics, they might stand out from its exterior depending on its design. Especially if your home has a vintage look because most garage doors have a pretty modern look. This mismatch can affect your home’s overall market price. But don’t worry, we at Martin Garage Doors offer you garage doors that look like barn doors in Colorado Springs. These doors like and even feel like good old barn doors but function like garage doors so that they match your house’s vintage look without compromising on its utility.

Customize Garage Doors That Look Like Carriage Doors In Colorado Springs

Have a particular idea about what a proper barn garage door should look like? Tell us about it by clicking the Door Designer button on the home page to ensure that you get the garage doors that like carriage doors in Colorado Springs the way you want to the exact details. By using this feature, you can rest assured that your doors will fit the garage opening to the inch. You can also add in details like the material, the number of windows, color, hinges, materials or any other details you consider important. You can have the warmth of wood with the durability of stainless steel with the right coating.

Beauty Of Wood, Strength Of Steel

If you would rather leave the designs to us, we have loads of options for you. Our catalog includes at least 37 different styles of garage doors that look like barn doors in Colorado Springs including nine from the catalog of Martin Garage Doors itself. But don’t be deceived by their warm aesthetic. They may look like wood but they are much more durable than them. By using coating and texture we give your stainless steel doors the beauty of wooden barn doors while retaining their strength. Unlike wood, steel will not warp due to moisture and won’t get damaged during storms due to debris or wind. They don’t just last longer, they are much easier to clean with the water hose and any stiffness can be dealt with using lubricants. You won’t need to polish or repaint them every few months.

Barn Garage Door Installation & Repairs

Having problems with your current garage doors that look like barn doors in Colorado Springs? Or worried about whom to hire for the installation? To alleviate these fears, we don’t just sell carport doors, we also install and repair them. So don’t risk injuries with a DIY project, give us a call and our experts will handle the load.

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