Garage Door Spring Repair

garage door repair

Garage Door Spring Repair

The spring season ushers in a feeling of a new start and an opportunity to clean things out and fix what’s broken. If your garage door or garage door opener has seen better days, maybe the spring season is the perfect time for needed garage door spring repair. Here are a few key indicators that maybe the time is right to call in the garage door pros for an inspection. 

Your door looks rough 

If you’ve been using your trusty old garage door opener and enjoyed a functional garage door for years with no problems, consider yourself lucky. These issues are common problems faced by homeowners and, luckily, garage door fixes often don’t break the bank. If your door has seen better days, has signs of wear, dents or dings, or other broken pieces that aren’t yet impacting its operation but might someday soon, the time is now to call in garage door pros in your area for a thorough inventory of garage door health.  

It isn’t working as it should

One sure sign it’s time to call in the pros is if your door isn’t operating as it should or is often working in a peculiar manner. If your door regularly refuses to open or close on command, opens or closes halfway then appears to get stuck, or has quit opening altogether, that’s a sure-fire sign that there are problems afoot that require a professional. A garage door pro can assess the whole appliance to determine what the problems might be and what the most budget-friendly options are to fix those problems.  

Noise indicates garage door spring repair

If you’re hearing unusual noises when your garage door motor is operating, that’s another sign that a spring fix might be in your near future. Unusual high-pitched squeaking or grinding might mean that your hinges and rollers need some attention. Spanking or slapping sounds could indicate that your door’s chain has come loose. Garage doors tend to be pretty noisy in the first place, but if you hear noises that the machine doesn’t usually make, it’s time to call in the experts.  

Maybe it’s time for an upgrade, not a garage door spring repair

Finally, maybe you’re in for a spring garage door fix but it’s time for an upgrade. These important household appliances can have a big impact on curb appeal and new looks and styles come onto the market all the time. Maybe this spring is the perfect time to outfit your home with a new garage door.

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