Can You Replace a Torsion Spring?

Can You Replace a Torsion Spring?

There are many elements of your home that you can maintain or fix. When it comes to minor plumbing or replacing lighting fixtures, you’ll likely have a pretty good sense of how to replace or where to ask for help. Your garage door is a part of your home that needs that regular attention, too. And unless something is blatantly wrong, we generally assume if it’s opening and closing, there’s no problem at all. But even our garage doors have a shelf life, and if not regularly maintained, elements like springs, hinges, and major wires can affect its lifespan. What’s more, there are some garage door issues that are fixable by the homeowner, and others that you will need the assistance of a professional.


What’s a Torsion Spring?

You may not know the name, but you’ve definitely seen this spring at some point. A torsion spring is a thick metal helical spring that exerts force. You can find these springs on doors, trampolines, in cars, and even a part of your garage door. Depending on where it’s located, you may be able to replace it yourself. In the case of your garage door, a torsion spring stores mechanical energy. It helps you lift heavy weight without using all of your effort. Yes, this small object can do great things!


Torsion Spring Replacement

Again, torsion spring comes in many forms and plays a pretty important role in the function of many things, both in and around your home. However, certain torsion springs are not to be touched by just anyone. Your garage door is one of those things. The function of the torsion spring in your garage door is to bear heavy weight, as you know. Without it, or when one spring is broken, you can tell right away. It’s a powerful, small tool! This is why professional contractors in torsion spring replacement in Parker, Colorado don’t recommend touching it. Unlike any other spring, the torsion spring itself can range between $50 to $100 a spring. It’s a heavy-duty spring that measures up to its cost.


Should I Attempt to Fix My Garage Door?

There are some aspects of your garage that you’re able to fix yourself, such as tightening some nuts and bolts or replacing minor springs. But when you notice something bigger is causing a minor problem to persist, you’ll want professional help. Unless you’re removing an object that may be stuck in an obvious way of the opening/closing mechanisms, it’s best you leave the replacing, fixing, or unloading to an experienced contractor. You may notice that your garage door is a bit noisier during some parts of the year than others. In that case, you can get away with spraying lubricant over the hinges for noise prevention. You may even want to clean your door, much like you clean your car. Using protective materials, you can wash and dry your door yearly to improve its function and create nice curb appeal. This may not be fixing an immediate problem, but it may prevent dust and dirt particles from building up and causing a block in the way the garage door opens and closes.

Every year, homeowners should get their garage door maintenanced by a professional. Your garage is an essential part of your home that needs to be on your to-do lists regularly. It’s important enough to have its own profession with skilled contractors that know the mechanics so you can have a safe and functional garage door. If it’s time to get your garage door maintenance, call a torsion spring replacement contractor in Parker at Martin Garage today!

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