5 Unique Garage Doors for Your Next Installation

5 Unique Garage Doors for Your Next Installation

If you’re coming to the finishing touches on a new construction project, or if you’ve been eyeing your old garage door and thinking a refresh might be in order, you’ve come to the right place. Garage doors offer convenient, climate-controlled storage in your home for all of the things that don’t naturally belong inside. But, who said these work horses have to be drab or boring, here are five modern garage doors for you to consider for your next installation. 

1. Aluminum doors 

Many modern garage doors use metal in their construction replacing vinyl or fiberglass which have been  common garage door materials for decades. Aluminium doors are an option that you should consider if the look of metal is what you want but without the hefty price tag of other types of metal doors. Take a trip to your neighborhood garage door supplier and you’ll see that this type of garage door comes in many colors and designs.    

2. Steel doors

If you have a bit of extra to spend, and your garage door is worth a splurge, consider a steel door for your next installation. This type of door offers added value of more security, less maintenance and increased energy efficiency. Steel doors come in many types of designs even wood grain to give this exterior surface an appealing finish.  

3. Modern wood doors

Modern garage doors made of wood have become a popular choice for homeowners. Just like flooring, options are on the market for doors made of hardwoods, and engineered woods. This option is a bit more expensive than your traditional fiberglass or vinyl door, but does offer a rich, luxurious finish to the exterior of your home. 

4. Glass doors

Glass doors have become increasingly popular and more common. Choosing a glass door doesn’t necessarily mean anyone can peer right into your garage, most have frosted glass panes increases the security of your home and belongings. This door types lets light in naturally, is considered a strong and durable door option, and will instantly boost your curb appeal. 

5. Shopping for your next modern garage door

If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices that come with picking your next garage door, head down to the nearest retailer to learn about your options and see many doors in person. An experienced supplier can explain the pros and cons of each type of door and show you the broad range of styles available. You can even get the browsing started online today to narrow down the many options available to you.

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