4 Ways Our Garage Doors Take Your Home To The Next Level

4 Ways Our Garage Doors Take Your Home To The Next Level

Real estate experts claim that a high-quality garage door can have a positive impact on the value of your home to the tune of a 4 percent increase. They do so much more than just create a barrier between your garage and the outside world. If your door is past its prime, and you’re looking for a garage door replacement, consider these four ways that this one added to your home can take it to the next level.


You can quickly amp up the design and look of your home from the curb with a garage door replacement. There are door designs now for practically any design aesthetic and preference. You can choose an industrial-looking garage door to modernize your home, or a door made of glass to lighten up the desired space. You can always opt for a classic, carriage door look, or paneled fiberglass for a fresh, cost-effective option.


Gone are the days when there were few types of garage doors beyond traditional fiberglass. These lightweight doors work well for most purposes, along with both real and manufactured wood, but they aren’t the strongest type of door on the current market. Instead, you could opt for an impenetrable galvanized steel door or a much lighter weight, yet still strong aluminum options.


Galvanized steel doors also offer the most bang for your buck when it comes to securing your property and possessions on the inside of the door. These doors are fairly impossible to get through especially if you opt for heavy-duty, large gauge metal. Wood also provides a secure door option.


Safety is also an important component if you’re weighing garage door replacement options. If you opt for glass, you might consider a frosted version so that passers-by don’t have visual access to inside your property. Choosing a solid, high functioning garage door is a critical way to ensure the safety and security of all you hold dear on the inside.

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